Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calling All Artists

As I am creating my own jewelry line, I have been all over the internet looking at things to inspire me. As I have been doing this I have been looking to different forms of art and fashion. While looking, so many questions have been coming to mind, so much so that I thought I'd ask a few of my favorite artists all about their own works. Which brings me to a new thing I'd love to start. I'm going to start doing interviews on different artists that I admire and enjoy. If you'd like to be considered, send me an email of your name and website for me to get a glance, and if I like what I see you could be picked as a featured artist. 


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ms. Johnson

"Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course. each other. If girls dressed for boys, they'd just walk around naked at all times." ~ Betsey Johnson


Ms. Hill

Wasn't I just talking about her? Well low and behold my beloved Ms. Hill has released repercussions this July and I can not wait for her album to drop. I have always loved Lauryn and she was truly missed.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fall Fashion About Those Legs

We've been reaching for those classic black tights to warm our legs in the past few seasons but this season the creaminess of white emerges, as well as those school girl knee high socks and socks under our heels.

White Tights/ Leggings
When going for this look keep one simple rule in mind: avoid sheer white stockings. You don't want to pale you want the white to apparent and diliberate. Go for opaque block colors, stark white, off white, and creams.

Knee High Socks
When going for this style there are a few key things to remember, length, style, andand shape to keep from being a victim. Stick to these styles: 
  • Knee High Socks
  • Over the Knee Socks
  • Thigh High Socks
  • Pick the length wisely: they have to suit your body's shape.
    • If you've got big thighs, thigh high socks will draw too much attention to them
    • Knee socks that finish below the knee may compliment your bone structure more than those knee high socks which finish above the knee. Try both styles on.
    • Knee high socks that cut off just below the knee are more likely to give you a slimmer look, as going only a short distance above the knee could result in socks that 'bulge' on your knee.
  • If you're short, knee high socks that cut off below the knee are best paired with a shorter hemline to expose more leg and, thus, imply greater height. The hem should be no lower than the middle of your thigh.
  • If you're in a colder climate then knitted socks might work for you. But avoid chunky and overt knitted socks.
  • Avoid pairing knee high socks with tartan and plaid skits unless you can otherwise avoid the school girl overtones.
  • Don't be afraid to layer. Knee high socks and over the knee socks worn over sheer, patterned stockings can add a whole new dimension to an outfit.
  • Don't be afraid to color and texture, particularly if you want the socks to be a focal piece of your outfit
If your going for the thigh high, my suggestion is to try American Apparel

Socks Under Heels
While you can wear those say knee Socks under your boots to add to an outfit your can also use their short counter parts this up coming season to also add some depth. Pairing ankle and mid-calf socks with heels, booties, and platforms can transform your look with-out a lot of time or change. You can also pair them over your tights to bring more personality to an outfit.


The Real

I've always been told I have an old soul. I've always had love for the classics. Classic cars, classic style, classic music. Thought I'd share some of todays playlist. Music makes the world go round.


When it comes to the black community there are certain things we just don't do. Yes, there are always exceptions to most things but for the most part as a whole you'll find that our people generally stick to the same ole, same ole. 

My daughter is 4. She just turned 4 last month and has the most georgous light brown curly hair. She hates it. She hates everything about what it means to get her hair done. The washing, conditioning, combing (which I've become a  pro at by the way) and braiding or ponytails...whatever. She HATES it. So I want to cut it. Not into a fade or anything drastic. Just a short curly fro. Less combing, and she will still look like a lovely little lady. Except I told my family of my idea and a shit storm insued. WTF. Nobody likes the way she cries when she's getting her hair done. They've gone so far as to pick her up and leave the room with her to stop her and give her (or themselves rather) a break. But when I find a solution to make us both happy I get drama. What gives?

I believe this goes back to black culture. I've cut my hair Halle Berry short numerous times, and everytime I did there was some group of women in my ear telling me how it will never grow back....Really? Never? I'll take that chance. And it always grows back and down my back. I've never had a problem retaining length. Neither will she. Her hair is already down her back, it will grow back, so why not cut it. We put poison on our hair and expect it to grow and be healthy. Then get paranoid when it doesn't and thus a vicious self esteem cycle begins that black women can't grow long hair. When we are more than capable of doing it just like everybody else. How backwards is that? The very thing we swear by to keep our hair "healthy" and "manageable" is the very thing keeping our hair from being healthy and manageable. When do we break the cycle?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lauryns Roller Set

I've been wanting to do something different so I've been thinking about doing a roller set. I want to get the lovely Ms. Hill's look.
I'll make sure I let you know how it goes.

The New Badu

Ms. Badu's new style is creating quite a stir.
I say more power to her.
Although I'm gonna miss the hell at that fro.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fall Fashion El Cape

If your like me, you like to get your wardrobe under wraps long before the season starts. I hate it when it get cold and I don't have what I need. So I thought I'd do ya'll a favor a start the shopping guide now.
 This fall the cape will emerge as a major fashion trend and the beauty in that is the shear variety of types of capes. 

A cape in the broader sense is pretty much any form of outerwear that opens at the front, and has no sleeves - usually with slits for the arms instead. Capes can be cut in a full circle, or on the straight. Capelets are any type of short cape that covers the shoulders. The fall 2010 runways were filled with capes, so this is definitely a trend we foresee for the coming colder seasons.


A cloak is similar to a cape only generally longer - typically mid-calf but often as long as ankle-length. Cloaks tend to be completely sleeveless; rather wraping around as an outerwear garment.

Shawls, Stoles & Wraps

These are usually loosely-worn or wrapped around the shoulders, usually for evening wear. Traditionally they've been made from luxurious fabrics like silk, brocade, or fur.


A poncho is usually a closed square of fabric with a hole for one's head to go through.

How to wear them

Like much of 2010 fall fashion, the cape best fits into any of the following looks:


Take your inspiration from the loose cocoon styles of the 1920s, through to the fur bubble capes and stoles of the 1940s and 50s; nothing says classic elegance like a vintage cape.


For rock-chic styling with a gothic edge go for flowing black cloaks or leather capes.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Protective updo #1

It normally lasts about a week if I re-braid the front every night and wrap it up right. Or don't get bored...which happens fairly easily. If you want the tutorial just holla at me and I'll get right on it. More to come soon. 

Jay. =)