Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mr West Mr West

I love me some Kanye but when you have so many artists on yo Ipod some can get neglected no matter how good they are. I've been treatin him like a red headed step child yall, but today I got his new song Power featuring Dwelle so I went through and listened to all 4 albums. Late is def one of the favs. The one good thing about not listening for so long is that it's almost like hearing for the first time.
Thats whats up.

Rock Your Ish Day

Let's take over July 4th and make it-
We'll go to all the cookouts, firework displays, and family events with our afros big and beautiful... rocking curly and natural hair paraphernalia!

The idea originated on LHCF so spread the word on Facebook & Fotki.


I had a long convo with the moms the other day. Most of which was negative, but I do consider it constructive. The biggest thing was that I don't finish what I start. Which true. So how do you change it? I mean it's not like I do it one purpose right? 
So I've decided to take the challenge and finish what I started. A while ago I started training for a triathlon, don't ask me why because that crap is a lot of work. But I had to think of something I really wanted to do but still hadn't actually done, and while there are a ton of things, I  think this will be the easiest to pursue. Says a lot about your failed aspirations when the simplest of them all is a triathlon. 
The goal is to do a marathon next year and a triathalon the year after. I'll update you all with how I'm going to go about doing this. In the mean time marinate on a little Janelle Monae. Great album by the way.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Confused and Late

When I started this blog I knew I had a lot to say but no way to say it. Months later I still have a lot to say, but haven't been saying anyting....which sucks. So this will change. Welcome to Wonderland....Have a nice day.